Before you begin using NAPA PROLink, and accessing your local servicing NAPA AUTO PARTS Store inventory and pricing information, the following steps must take place:

Your serving NAPA AUTO PARTS Store must be on the NAPA Wide Area Network - (WAN). Please contact your local servicing NAPA AUTO PARTS Store(s) to find out if your store is on the NAPA WAN. You must have a commercial account setup at your local servicing NAPA AUTO PARTS Store(s) in order for you to successfully use NAPA PROLink.

Go to and click on the "New User - Register" button.

Provide the following information on the registration page:

1. User Login and Password - (customer defined)
2. Your Business Name
3. Your email address
4. Business address
5. Optional 2nd line address
6. City, State, Postal Code
7. Your name
8. Your business phone number

Once all information has been entered, click on "Submit" and your information will be verified as being complete and you will be added to the NAPA PROLink server.

After your information has been verified, you will receive a 10 digit NAPA PROLink ID number.

WRITE THIS NUMBER DOWN - as you will need to provide this to every NAPA AUTO PARTS Store(s) that you wish to do business with using NAPA PROLink. Each NAPA AUTO PARTS Store(s) must have a commercial account setup for you in TAMS before you may successfully begin using NAPA PROLink for pricing and on-line ordering.

Once your 10 digit NAPA PROLink ID number has been entered into your local NAPA AUTO PARTS Store(s) TAMS point-of-sale system, your registration is complete and you are ready to log into using your User ID and Password. After login, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the many new features by going to the "What's New" area and viewing the training videos.

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